Groups and Groupsaccommodation

Group booking

Travelling togheter with friends, family, colleagues, classmates, a sports team, school trip or a bachelor party? King’s Inn offers you everything to guarantee succesful group stays! Both our hostel and hotel are located on a unique site in the city centre of Alkmaar. The variety of double rooms and various quadruple, six-person and eight-person rooms in our hostel and deluxe rooms in our hotel, offers groups up to 140 persons a perfectly made bed!

Our team of enthusiastic and experienced employees will be happy to support you with finding the perfect accommodation for your group. We will select the perfect room for your group. We will also pull out all the stops for a tailor made breakfast, a tasteful lunch and delicious dinner! Would you like to complete your group stay with (live) music, excursions, special transport, et cetera? We can also arrange nice things like this.

King’s Inn for your group exclusively

Organising an event for larger groups such as sports teams, school classes or all of your family? You can also hire the entire King’s Inn hostel for your group exclusively! All of the rooms wil be available for your company. If you wish we can also offer tailor made catering. Precisely-tuned to your wishes

Our group facilities:

✓ Double rooms
✓ Quadruple rooms
✓ Six-person rooms
✓ Eight-person rooms
(All rooms have a private bathroom and toilet, table, wardrobe and a chair).
✓ A cosy brasserie and bar
✓ Centrally located, spacious common area
✓ Lockers
✓ Bicycle parking